Building Authority

“As a result of working with Call for Content, I now have pages and pages of shareable content that further establishes my expertise…”

-Art Snarzyk III, Innerview Advisors

art snarzyk.jpg

408% ROI

A boutique management consultancy engaged Call For Content to develop a content marketing strategy that generated qualified leads within the first 90 days and resulted in $165,000 in new revenue.



Putting the “Strategy” in Content Strategy

“Michael will make sure you’re doing the right thing in the right place, targeted at the right people, in a way that's going to drive business results.”

- Kim Monney, Kimobi.style

I’m So Glad I Took the Time

“…we went from doing barely any sales to doing almost $500,000 in sales.”

Alane Boyd, Friendemic



Bullshit-free sounding board

"Michael adds a lot of value to my thought process. He’s helped me adopt a systematic approach to long-term strategic planning.”

- Eghosa Aihie, Serial Entrepreneur