A Note From Our Founder


Hey! I’m glad you’re here. You reading this means Call For Content is ready for prime-time. You see, I’ve been testing and thinking through concepts for a business like this for quite a while. Since 2015 I’ve iterated and tested a number of different concepts. The one I’ve finally decided upon was simple: a personal content marketing team for consultants, coaches, and other expert entrepreneurs.  

When I started thinking about how to built this sort of team, I realized that I couldn’t just hire a ghostwriter for my clients. Every expert has their own point of view, voice, and habits that just don’t come through the way they did when I interviewed them. To replace ghostwriting, I designed our own proprietary interview, transcription, and editing process to ensure that each piece of content we create is 100% Your Unique Voice.

Call For Content is that team and process. I hope you enjoy the work we create together as much as your customers will enjoy learning from you.



Our Values

Be Present
Respect The Time Others Give You

Provide Value
Partnerships Are Built On Providing Positive Value

Challenge Your Beliefs
From Debate Comes Truth

Better Every Day
Compound Your Improvement

Make Real Connections
Help Others And Receive Help In Return

Be Honest
In Thought, Opinion, and Word; Even If It Hurts