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Why Podcasting Works

Podcasts are one of the best ways to develop a deep relationship with your audience. Since you’re speaking directly to your audience, they’ll feel like they’ve gotten to know you in a way 800 words just doesn’t allow for.

When planned as part of a multi format content strategy, podcasting allows for you to quickly build deep wells of valuable insight that can then be drawn upon for books, ebooks, and even blogs. Podcasting works best when your target audience listens to podcasts, but as you’ll learn in How to Turn a Podcast into a Lead Generation Machine the relationships you build are the real value.

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Building Authority

As a result of working with Call for Content, I now have pages and pages of shareable content that further establishes my expertise, deepens my trust and connection with current and potential clients, and keeps me top of mind as a business resource.
— Art Snarzyk, Innerview Advisors

Sharing Stories

“Michael’s methodology around podcasting is incredibly sound. We have used his methods and tools to create a system that allows us to consistently create and distribute high value content for our ideal customers. I highly recommend his services.”
— Mike Mierz, Sled Dog Media