White Label Podcasting


Podcasting in Volume

Creating an effective business podcast requires more than just a mic and some talking points. Every episode needs to be planned, produced, edited, and published on time. Every time, week in and week out.

One podcast is easy—for example, managing your own agency’s show. But consistently delivering on multiple client shows every single week isn’t something you’ve likely got the infrastructure to handle. We do. We have systems in place for:

  • Building studios

  • Branding and launching new shows

  • Managing the editorial calendar

  • Finding and reaching out to guests

  • Coordinating schedules with producers, guests, and hosts

  • Reliable audio editing

Call for Content Founder Michael Greenberg has been podcasting and working with networks on streamlining operations for years—since way before podcasting was cool. And our production team has over 25 years of combined experience in long-form audio engineering and production, including 100s of podcast episodes. 



  • Format Planning
  • Guest Outreach
  • End to End Production
  • 6 Episodes
  • Show Logo
  • Episode Posting
  • Show Notes
  • Teaser Videos

Partner Price
One Time

  • Guest Outreach
  • Episode Hosting
  • Recording Software
  • End to End Production
  • Content Strategy
  • Episode Posting
  • Show Notes
  • Audiogram Videos

Partner Price
Per Month

*Price doesn’t include ad spend


  • B2B Sales Hosts
  • Serials
  • Audio Courses
  • Anything

By Quote Only

Why Podcasts Work

People don’t read. They skim. Podcasts are a better way to show your expertise and dive deep into topics, compared to long-form written content like blogs, eBooks, and ultimate guides. When you post an audio podcast with a written transcript, your content is consumable by people who like to multitask (i.e., listen while they’re working out) and people who do still like to read.

By creating podcasts as the core of your content strategy, you’re setting them (and yourself) up for efficiently repurposing content. Out of every podcast, you can find: multiple social media posts, a blog post or three, infographics, video series, eBooks, and even full-length books. Your team can take the podcasts we product, build a well-rounded content strategy, charge big bucks, and complete quality work in a few hours per week.


Cost to You
Cost to the Client
Direct Lead Generation
Ability to Repurpose (Scale of 1-10)
Guaranteed Client Voice
SEO Benefits


(audio, video, written content)

3,000+ Word

$10,000 each
(written form only)


$8,000 each
(high cost for each)