How I Blog Without Writing

I hated writing as a child. I hated it all through school as well. Even now, I run away at the thought of sitting down and banging out even 200 words each day. Instead, I rely on extemporaneous speaking and research to craft informative and easy to read blog posts.

It All Starts With An Idea

I collect my article ideas on my phone, in my notebook, and on just about anything else around me when they come to mind.  I try to thing up at least 2-3 new ideas daily, regardless of quality.  Generally, I get 1-2 good ideas each week.

Next, I Build An Outline

An outline is key to keeping your thoughts in order and highlighting key points for your speech. I find a simple template is all I need to keep everything together.

blog post outline.png

Now, The Fun Part

With my outline in hand, I plug in my headphones and start recording a memo on my phone. I record myself speaking through my thoughts on the outline, essentially recording a spoken version of the post! In as little as 20 minutes, I’ve got all the content I need to finish the article.

Humans speak at a speed of 100-150 words per minute.  That means that in 20 minutes, I’ve gotten over 2000 words out on a topic. It would take me at least an hour to write that out, if I could even muster the willpower.  Cheap transcription services like and make it easy to turn these words into an editable document.

Edit, Revise, And Review

After transcription, I start by finding my key points and arranging them into the outline.  As I begin to edit and revise, I generally find I cut roughly half of my words from transcript to final product.

What I Love About This Process

I’m not a professional writer, I was barely a B-student in English class. This process let’s me finish an article in around three to four hours.  Since I’m really speaking and not writing, I’m able to maintain a more informal and personal tone. I find this carries my feelings and thoughts more clearly that the traditional writing process.

Now, I Go A Step Further

Call For Content is built on my experiences with podcasting, digital marketing, and specialized interview and editing process that evolved from this one.  It allows us to develop authoritative content while preserving the unique voice, experience and opinions of the client.