Authority Profile: Will Wheeler of Evolution in Leadership

Will Wheeler is a seasoned entrepreneur from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. A trainer and assessor who has served as a project manager for a number of events around his city, Will has built a successful career in business, following his first career in the music industry. Here’s our Q&A with him.

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Ed Kennedy
How I Blog Without Writing

I hated writing as a child. I hated it all through school as well. Even now, I run away at the thought of sitting down and banging out even 200 words each day. Instead, I rely on extemporaneous speaking and research to craft informative and easy to read blog posts.

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How To Choose Your Niche

Great companies, great consultancies, and great coaching practices aren’t built by serving everyone. They succeed by serving a targeted group with a specific issue very well. The difference between sustainable high growth and mediocre chugging along is choosing the right niche to focus on.

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